Entitlement to an examination of reasons for flight

Many of the asylum seekers are not even being given the chance of an asylum process but instead are being deported – according to the Dublin III Regulation – to other European countries. The Refugee Council opposes this European shunting yard, especially because in many countries a fair asylum process can not be guaranteed. In addition, the conditions of admission are often problematic and the living conditions for refugees are inhumane. Subsequently, we support refugees who fight their deportation using legal means. If the use of legal means is not possible or unpromising, we show new prospects and establish contacts, independent of their legal status.

Struggling for acknowledgment

Even for someone who is admitted to the asylum process, it is not easy to find protection: Only some of the refugees are being recognized as refugees or are being granted other forms of protection. Hence, many refugees do not agree with negative decisions being made by the „Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge“ as responsible authority and they try to fight for their recognition with legal means. The Refugee Council supports them, since refugees only very rarely receive government support in court.

Protection from a second displacement

After an asylum procedure that has lasted for years and a longstanding tolerated residence a return to the country of origin is often not reasonable anymore. Over time, the refugees enter into relationships: They attend school, begin an apprenticeship or start a job and make friends. The Refugee Council fights for a right of residence for all refugees who have found the center of their lives in Germany.

Overcoming the policy of deterrence against refugees!

Asylum seekers and tolerated refugees are not allowed to choose their place of residence, but are obliged to live in the accomodation assigned to them. In the first few months they are subject to a ban on emplyoment. Many refugees are excluded from offers of participation and support that are open for other migrants. We want to change this.

Integration and participation for refugees as well

The Refugee Council campaigns for all refugees receiving education and participation opportunities from the beginning as well as equating refugees with EU citizens with regards to social law. Through our political lobby work on the communal, federal and state level we advocate for legal and administrative improvements together with other initiatives. Independent of the outcome of their asylum procedure, refugees must have the chance to contribute and expand their skills and participate in social life.

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