Our activities


The groundwork on-site forms the backbone of the refugee work in Lower Saxony. To us, regular exchange and communication is paramount in creating structures for the development and implementation of strategies and campaigns. We want to support and strengthen multipliers and other refugee initiatives. Futhermore, at the federal, national and transnational level we are organized in several alliances with other human rights organizations to jointly work together in the field of refugee solidarity work and anti-racist involvement.

Qualification and expert advice

We regularly organize advanced training events and ensure specialist advice in difficult legal matters or in case of political need for action directly via management. With a focus on empowerment and multipliers we support and train people and organizations that are active in education, refugee solidarity work, immigration counseling or self organization. Via the mailinglist, the website and print media members and supporters are informed about current developments.

Political lobby work

When in our opinion things take a wrong course and the human dignity of refugees is violated, we talk with political bodies and take a public position. Through suggestions and proposals we also endeavour to improve the administrative procedures regarding the reception and inclusion of refugees into social life.


Through targeted projects the Refugee Council tries to improve the living situation of refugees in Lower Saxony. We want to reduce discrimination, facilitate reception conditions, enable occupation and qualification and make sure that refugees in Lower Saxony have a future. Project work is always limited in time and therefore subject to change. Current key areas are for instance:

  • concepts of accomodation
  • unaccompanied minors / young adults
  • access to labor market
  • right to stay for refugees
  • networking of refugee aid
  • the right of family reunion
  • Counseling in detention pending deportation

Case-by-case support

The individual case support work is mainly done by the affiliated local initiatives and members of the Refugee Council. If there is no qualified counseling available on-site or specific characteristics of the case call for a targeted support, the administrative office interferes directly. This applies for instance to cases of hardship, vulnerable groups and detention cases that are problematic from a humanitarian point of view or cases of questionable social exclusion. An individual counseling via mail and phone is guaranteed for everyone.

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