Ankunft von irakischen Resettlement-Flüchtlingen

Wie die Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung online vermeldet, sind heute in Hannover 101 irakische Flüchtlinge angekommen, die über ein Resettlementprogramm in Deutschland aufgenommen werden (siehe hier).
Insgesamt hatte die Bundesregierung für den Zeitraum von 2012 bis 2013 die Aufnahme von 900 irakischen Flüchtlingen zugesagt. Nachdem in 2012 bereits 300 Flüchtlinge Aufnahme fanden, sollen dieses Jahr und 2014 jeweils 300 aus dem Irak geflüchtete Menschen aufgenommen werden.
Weiteres siehe u.a. hier.
Auch das Bundesinnenministerium berichtet über die Ankunft der irakischen Flüchtlinge, siehe hier.

Sigmar Walbrecht

2 Gedanken zu „Ankunft von irakischen Resettlement-Flüchtlingen“

  1. Dear Sigmar.
    The Federal government have been resettling thousands of Refugees to give refugees new home and Good prospect for Future whose future is at limbo.

    As you know that the World biggest UNHCR’s Refugees resettling program to the third countries have been Talking Place from Nepal for the exiled bhutanese Refugees who had been forcefully evicted by autocratic druk(Bhutan) Regim in 1990.The German federal government is the second hingest doner Country to support these refugees for Food,shelter,Education etc.

    As you know tha that other European States like the Netherlands,Denmark,Sweden,Norway and United kingdom have been resettling to give permanent Solution to prolonged and unsolved Crisis of the thousands of Bhutanese Refugees.

    Why do you think that the German federal government authority do Not Show any intrests to assist this program by resettling Bhutanese Refugees in exiled .These Refugees are Most vulnerale and Need immediate Protection.

    Best Regards
    Hemlal mainaly
    Lower sexony

  2. Dear Sigmar.
    So you have the possibility to include my this Letter to google where Refugees can have the possibility to go through?
    This is a Letter submitted to the German ambassador to Nepal,india and Bhutan.they have forwarded this Email to foreign Office at berlin but Till now i have no answer from them.“
    „My Letter to the German Ambassadors to Nepal,India and Bhutan.“
     I have the honour most respectfully to submit this comment seeking to draw your attention to what can be described as miscarriage of justice relating to my political asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany. 

    Refering to the resolutions of European parliament on the topic „Centre for protection of minorities and against racism and discrimination in Bhutan, 14th march 1996 (13b B4-0329, 0402and 0405/96) and 06th september 2000 (PE293.778), the Bhutanese authorities had not shown their moral interest to repatriate the exiled Bhutanese Refugees who have been languishing in Refugee camps in Nepal under UNHCR assistance since 1990.Due to unsolved prolonged Bhutanese Refugees issues, and no hope for dignified repatriation to Bhutan,even after 16 rounds of bilateral conference between Bhutan and Nepal Governments no single exiled Bhutanese were able to repatriate into Bhutan.Considering the needs and  ongoing volatile and fragile security situation in the refugee camps and to prevent further escalation, the international communities  had shown their interest to solve this long unsolved Bhutanese refugees issue by offering volunteraily resettlement program to third countries and  Refugees to give a new opportunity and live a nornal life again.Till now out of 110, 000 Exiled refugees 80, 000 have been resettled to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND and European Unions states.

    My repeated petitions lodged to the German Federal office for Migration and Refugees and the Federal court  to get the status of refugee on the political reasons  have been refused four times by the federal government authority. The congnisant of your acquaintance with the fate of exiled Bhutanese Refugee who had been expelled under repression and at gun point by the Bhutanese suppressive, ,recist and feudal dictator in 1990.Iam one of the casualties of this forced eviction and had  lived untill the end of December 2006 at the Bhutanese refugees camp at beldangi 2, SectorF/Hut No.90 of UNHCR aided camp at Jhapa, Nepal. Due to unsolved prolonged Bhutanese issues, there is ever frustration among the youths, which emerged to form various insurgent millitants groups in the refugee community.I had severe threats of my life from these youths and had escaped to Federal Republic of Germany for safety and security of my life on December 2006.

    Bhutan is unstable and security situation is extremely unpredictable for those forcefully evicted southern Bhutanese. I have tolerated since seven years of this ferociousness and barbarity.This traits of extreme cruelty is against my rights.The concerned authorities had spiffilicate, imperopriete and indeocorum my existance.This is my fact of woe and excruciation.Iam at very critical position in dealing with the German federal authority about my political asylum claim.The traumatic casualties I face over first circumstances caused for me to leave my country of origin at gun point and Bhutanese authority confisticated and terminated  the nationality making stateless. Secondly,  the Federal Government isolated and discriminated my genuine political application with incredible and unreasonable statements.My situation of living in Germany has reached an impass.The federal authority failed to address my asylum claimed and considered as an invisible person.My days are horrible, tough and unsafe.The federal government adopted a strategy to suppress my issues creating an increasingly uncomfortable environment by humiliation and socially and morally discrimination.This system of psychological repression should be immediately abolished forthwith. This is abouse of my rights and liberty.Since last seven years iam treated outrageously and abusive by the federal authority.The level of sufferings is truly shocking and iam barely keep my head above the parapet of despair and insidious. 

    As you known that even after 16 rounds of bilateral conference between Bhutan and Nepal government , no single exiled Bhutanese were able to repatriate into Bhutan.Instead the Bhutanese regime adopted a brutal strategy to arrest and imprisoned those exiled bhutanese Refugee if the find even by the Indian territory. As I being the member of Bhutan peoples party l and also the member of Bhutanese steering movement  it is well awere that my deportation  to Bhutan would end my life.The members of both these unites, on bhutanese government eyes, are considered antinationals and criminals of the state.I want German authority to express their solidarity to solve the longstanding Bhutanese crisis.My brother who seeked political asylum in the Netherlands in 2005 had got the Dutch Nationality in 2011and head the Bhutanese community in the Netherlands.My parents and four sisters have been living in the USA accepted for permanent resettlement program.When most of the resettled Bhutanese are enjoying their nationality by naturalization in the USA and other core groups states, iam at a high alert of fears of deportation to Bhutan.

    Things are going extremely terrible here. My future is at limbo.After staying for seven years too, iam deprive of basic rights.I have no rights for integration course.No freedom of movement.The decision of the federal office for migration and the federal court is  irreverent, incredible and unreasonable. This brutal strategy of the federal government authority have been devastating and have lost so many lives of asylum seekers in  Germany .I would like to request you and all human rights watch group and all concerned organizations to address my issues by keeping pressure on German Federal authorities to Consider my political asylum claim please.


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