Im Folgenden haben wir verschiedene Stipendienprogramme aufgeführt. Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen direkt an die stipendienvergebenden Organisationen.

1) Für Journalisten:

2) Für Studierende zwischen 18 und 25 Jahren:

  •, this is a BA program with scholarships. Students chose between a BA in economics, politics and social thought, or humanities, arts and social thought. The college is preparing a special contact form for young Afghans as they oftentimes cannot hand in the regularly needed documents. Let me known if you have a candidate and I will share the form with you in about one week. Applicants who have already studied 2 years can get into the program fort a German and a US degree. Those who have not studied yet of less can still apply and can gain a US BA, if they are admitted to the program. A good command of English is necessary; generally C1, in case of Afghan refugees B2 will be enough, the college will offer additional language courses if needed.

3) Für fortgeschrittene Studierende:

4) Für Forscher:

5) Internationales Netzwerk für gefährdete Wissenschaftler:


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